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La Fontana della Pigna
The fountain with the pine cone

This Fountain, located in piazza Cavour, was built in 1543 by Giovanni da Carrara. The drum sustaining the cone is much older, as it dates back to the Roman period. It is covered by bas-reliefs.
The inscription on the fountain mentions Leonardo da Vinci's joy at the vision of this fountain, when he came to Rimini as Cesare Borgia's ingeneer and military councillor. The words engraved say: "Make harmony with the different falls of water, as I saw in the fountain of Rimini"

The fountain was the only source of drinking water until 1912, when the public aqueduct was inaugurated.

Getting there: City center by car: Motorway A14 "Rimini Sud" Exit; straight ahead direction "Rimini centro" for about 3 km. Useful parking areas: 1) Piazza Malatesta; 2) Rocca Malatestiana; 3)Ponte di Tiberio; 4) Largo Gramsci. By train: from the railway station straight ahead up to Piazza Tre Martiri, then to the right along Corso D'Augusto. By air: Bus n. 9, bus stop Arco d'Augusto or Railway Station.

Tourist area: adriatic coast



Piazza Cavour - Rimini