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La Grande Macchina Fotografica - The Great Camera

In 1948 a photographer from Pennabilli called Elio Guerra created a construction - built entirely by hand - in the shape of a camera. The location which he had choosen were next to the prestigious Grand Hotel in order to attract the attention of tourists. In the beginning the “camera” was used as a withdrawal point of the printing of the photo shots he had made of the tourists in Rimini. The camera quickly became a symbol of Rimini to everyone. Both tourists and citizens loved to use it as a scenary of their own photo.
In the mid-Sixties, Guerra has delivered the small shop to Ario Rastelli and his wife Laura Renzi.
The "old camera" has remained in the memories of many tourists. Today is just a monument of modernism in disuse, but those who have lived the fabulous sixties and seventies in Rimini will remember it as a symbol of that period.
In 2002 Mrs. Renzi gave the building to the City of Rimini. After the restoration the management was been given to the hotel organization Consorzio Piccoli Alberghi di Qualità as a tourist information point during special events.
Recently, the Municipality of Rimini has granted the property in usufruct to the Federico Fellini Foundation, for the project which aims to reopen a place so dear to Rimini in order to live the spirit of which it had been created: the open eye of the seaside town.



adiacente Parco Fellini - Rimini