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La Pescheria Vecchia
designed by Francesco Buonamici, demonstrates the economic importance of the fishing industry in Rimini

"La Pescheria Vecchia" whose entrance is on the left-hand side of piazza Cavour is one of the most picturesque and characteristic places in Rimini.
It was erected by Rimini architect Giovan Francesco Buonamici in 1747. It has a loggia with two ordres opening into three round arches. In the four corners there are statues of four small water-jetting dolphins.
Inside there are two rows of counters in Istrian stone.

Here women used to sell fish  and the so-called "poveracce" (clams).

Nowadays the area has become the hub of life for the city's youth, full of restaurants, wine bars, canteens and meeting places.

Getting there: City centre by car: Motorway A14 "Rimini Sud" Exit; straight ahead direction "Rimini centro" for about 3 kms. Useful parking areas: 1) p.zza Malatesta 2) Rocca Malatestiana 3) Ponte di Tiberio 4) largo Gramsci. By train: from the railway station straight ahead upto Piazza Tre Martiri, then to the right following Corso D'Augusto. By air: bus n.9 - bus stop Arco d' Augusto or Railway Station

Tourist area: adriatic coast



Piazza Cavour - Rimini