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Lighthouse and Rimini canal port
The throbbing centre of the life of the marine

On largo Boscovich stands the 18th century lighthouse that watches over the canal port, once a part of the outlet of the Marecchia river, which was deviated farther north in 1927. The beautiful white lighthouse is 27 mt high and its light extends for more than 15 miles. It was built on the foundations of the old lighthouse first erected in 1754 and destroyed during the Second World War.

The "palata" of the port (the pier) is one of the favourite meeting places of the local people for a stroll and it was right here that Federico Fellini used to imagine the nighttime arrival of the ocean liner “Rex”. It is from here that the fishermen sail their boats to go fishing for "poveracce" (clams) and on the way back they sell the freshly caught fish, followed by a flock of seagulls.

On the opposite side of the canal port there are San Giuliano Mare and the Marina di Rimini, the new marina inaugurated in 2002.
Here there are also different activities bound to fishery: from shipyards to machine shops, from the wholesale fish market to marine shops.



Via Destra del Porto - Rimini