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Spadarolo's Crucifix

"Data on this crucifix, made of wood and painted in the second half of the fifteenth century by the local painter Giovan Francesco da Rimini - it is one of his very few works left - are very scarce up to the end of the 18th century.
Belonged to the noble family of Cima, it was originally located inside a small oratory dating back to the 17th century (Borgo San Giovanni); after the 1786's earthquake that destroyed the building, the crucifix was moved to San Bernardino church,and then to the small parish in Spadarolo, close to villa Cima.
Cima's family donated it to parish priest in return for some favours; the 15th-century cross was put inside the chapel where it carried on being venerated until 1875, when it was replaced with another carved one.
Thanks to A.R.R.S.A. Association (Associazine Riminese per la Ricerca Storica e Archeologica)it was brought to light again...and it can be admired in the church of Spadarolo.

Extract from "Chiamami Città", year 11, n. 333, art. by Lara Fabbri, page 9.

Tourist area: adriatic coast



Chiesa di Santa Maria di Spadarolo, Via Mirandola 8 - Rimini


0541 727121


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