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Due Strade/Two Roads: Lola Schnabel and Luca Giovagnoli
Dal 28 September al 26 October
Exhibition by Lola Schnabel and Luca Giovagnoli at Rimini’s Augeo Art Gallery

Phone: +39 0541 53720

Period of development: From Saturday 28 September to Saturday 26 October


Rimini is schedule to host a large, new exhibition featuring works by Lola Schnabel and local Rimini artist Luca Giovagnoli curated by Matteo Sormani – Director of Augeo Art Gallery
The double solo show, to be held from September 28 (6.00pm) to October 26, is titled “Two Roads” a reference to the converging of Schnabel’s abstract style with Giovagnoli's figurative works. 

Located in the historical heart of Rimini, the Augeo Art Gallery is set like a jewel inside the seventeenth-century Palazzo Spina. 
The Augeo (coming from the Latin “augere” meaning to rise) was chosen by Schnabel, who is scheduled to attend the preview on September 26 in Rimini, as the most suitable venue to host and highlight the works thanks to the perfect synthesis of ancient and modern that pervades the gallery spaces.


Augeo art space, Corso d’Augusto, 217 Rimini


0541 53720