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Fellini 100 and La dolce vita exhibition
Dal 14 December al 8 March
Traveling exhibition dedicated to Federico Fellini

The traveling exhibition "Fellini 100 and La dolce vita exhibition" will be inaugurated in Castel Sismondo, Saturday 14 December 2019.
The exhibition represents a sort of anticipation of the project of the new Fellini Museum, which will open to the public at the end of 2020.
Set up through a system of "staging" as movie sets, it revolves around three subjects: the first tells the story of Italy from the twenties to the thirties, then it moves on to the post-war period, ending with the eighties through the imagination of Fellini's films.
The second nucleus is dedicated to the story of the director's traveling companions, real, imaginary, collaborators and no.
Finally, the third nucleus will be dedicated to the presentation of the permanent project of the Federico Fellini International Museum. After the Rimini exhibition, the exhibition will begin its journey first stop at Rome in April until June 2020, then crossing national borders with exhibitions in Moscow and Berlin.
Thanks to "Fellini 100 and La dolce vita exhibition" visitors will learn about the unpublished material acquired and kept in the municipal archive.
The exhibition is curated by Studio Azzurro of Milan with the consultation of Marco Bertozzi and Anna Villari.

Period of development: From Saturday 14 December 2019 to Sunday 8 March 2020

Entrance: Fee payable


Rimini centro storico, Piazza Malatesta