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International breakfast at the Galli Theater
Sunday 30 January
Discovering breakfast around the world

Phone: +39 0541 53399

A gastronomic journey to discover breakfast in the world in the wonderful setting of the Grifone bar, the lounge of the renovated foyer of the Galli Theater with a front row view of the medieval square of Rimini.
The first appointment is dedicated to France: inside the Galli Theater, in a place where contemporaneity coexists with the charm of the past, it will be possible to enjoy a delicious French breakfast and an atmosphere made unique by the presence of the original nineteenth-century rules.


Period of development: Sunday 30 January 2022

Time: From 9.00am to 12.00pm
Admission allowed before 11.00am

Entrance: Fee payable


Teatro Galli (Bar del Grifone), Piazza Cavour, 22 - Rimini centro storico


0541 53399