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Romagna Osteria 2019
Dal 11 al 12 September
Event by the 'Brigata del Diavolo'

Phone: +39 329 0174886 (info and booking)

On the occasion of the reopening of the fishing season, the stone benches of the ancient fish market in Piazza Cavour will come back to life thanks to a special brigade of chefs and their tribute to the seafood cuisine.
The Chefs of the Associazione Brigata del Diavolo, will prepare a breakfast / lunch open to the whole city in the morning, then an aperitif at the Domus del Chirurgo or in the Gambalunga Library and a dinner in the Vecchia Pescheria.
An appointment that will combine the taste with the beauties of the city thanks to a guided tour among the historical wonders of Rimini.

Period of development: Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 September 2019

Additional notes:

Reservation is required for aperitif and dinner, free entrance for brunch


Piazza Cavour, 47921, Rimini


329 0174886