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Renaissance views
Montefeltro Renaissance Sights

Phone: 366.9508583 - 335.1808134 - 0541.53399 (tourist information)

For over five hundred years historians have tried to locate geographically the landscapes that inspired Renaissance painters such as Piero della Francesca, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci. Today these views and have been found in real space hidden in the hills of Montefeltro, the territory of the Province of Rimini and Pesaro / Urbino. And it is precisely among the peaks and limestone cliffs of Valmarecchia, and the rolling hills of the Metauro valley, that the masterpieces by Piero della Francesca and other great artists have materialized.
The project MVR, Montefeltro Views of the Renaissance, aims to rekindle the "Invisible Landscape", that is a return to the world "places of art" that the great Renaissance painters chose for the backgrounds of their works. From these sites, easily reachable thanks to facilities for visitors, it is possible to discover Piero's landscapes between the profiles of mountains, lakes, forests, ravines, cliffs so precisely depicted by the artist. In addition to Piero della Francesca, other great artists are already under study, and other findings are becoming public so as to create new balconies to visit and enjoy in the Valley of Metauro and Marecchia. One of them is: Montefeltro a Gioconda's territory, the landscapes of Leonardo as nature studies.

Additional notes: For excursions to these particular places you can address to the tourist information offices in Rimini: 0039 0541 53399