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Borgo San Giovanni

"Borgo San Giovanni was originally called San Gaudenzo and then San Genesio...
In 1469 it was destroyed by a fire.
Its church, dedicated to San Giovanni Battista is much older.
It should date back to 1100 and was rebuilt many times...
This building is a fine example of baroque in Rimini; it contains many works of art. It is worth mentioning the painting by Cagnacci, dating back to 1640, and the works by Giuseppe Soleri Brancaleoni, Andrea Boscoli, Cosimo Piazza.
Next to this church, there's palazzo Ghetti, the old sulphur match factory.
As a matter of fact, "Borgo San Giovanni" has always been the business centre in Rimini... (Extract from : La Voce, 14th April 2000, by Roberto Venturini).

Getting there: City center How to get to the city center: by car: Motorway A14 "Rimini Sud" Exit; straight ahead direction Rimini centro Useful parking areas: 1) largo Gramsci, 2) Parco Cervi, 3) Olga Bondi, 4) via XX Settembre by train: from the railway station straight ahead (v.le Dante) by air: bus n.9 - bus stop Arco d' Augusto

Additional notes: Every two years, the organizing committee arranges the Festival in Borgo San Giovanni. It takes place during the second week of July on the occasion of the feast in honour of Beata Vergine del Carmine. Don't miss next appointment in 2009.

Tourist area: Adriatic coast



Via XX Settembre 1870, Rimini