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Palazzo Aquila d'oro

Formerly belonged to Montelabate and Claudio Procacci, it became Romagnoli family's property in the end. The palace was restored by Onofrio Meluzzi in 1826 according to Francesco Romagnoli's demands. The family used to house important figures such as Giuseppe Verdi there. Actually Verdi choosed Rimini for the first presentation of his opera "Aroldo" on 16th August 1857. 
Later on, the house was turned into a "Locanda della Posta" (the post was under palazzo Garampi's arcades) and in the last quarter of the nineteenth century it became the hotel "Aquila d'Oro". In 60's it went out of business and fell into decay. Nowadays, the monumental stairs, the paintings on the ceilings, the large zinc slab with the painted coat of arms of kings and princes the palace gave hospitality don't exist any longer. There is only the outer shell.

Now the building is the seat of Rimini Municipal offices.



Corso d'Augusto - Rimini