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Rimini, its art, culture and history
Guided tours promoted by Rimini City Museums for non-school groups

Phone: 0541/704426 - 21 - 28

The initiatives aim to be a discovering of Rimini historic centre with its monuments, places linked to characters that have marked the history of the city, art treasures, the City Museum and the Surgeon's House, the domus.  Like an open book it tells the story of Rimini’s extraordinary moments, from the centuries of the Roman Empire to the splendours of the Malatesta up to Rimini in the twentieth century that inspired Fellini's imagination.

Starting point: the City Museum

The routes of the guided tours of the city, the Museum and the Surgeon’s House (in Italian, English and French) are organized on the principal paths which can be customized:

•    From the domus, the Surgeon’s House, to the Roman Rimini (about 3h)
The route starts from the City Museum with the Surgeon's House, an extraordinary archaeological site with the medical ‘taberna’ of a surgeon who lived in Ariminum in the third century A.D. and the rich equipment of ancient surgical and medical-pharmaceutical instruments. Then it leads on a discovery of the Roman Rimini through its streets (decumano), the ancient forum, the Tiberius Bridge, the Arch of Augustus and the Amphitheater.

•    From the Domus to Sismondo Castle (about 3h)
The Surgeon's House and the halls of the City Museum are the starting points of a tour through the Roman Rimini (from the Arch of Augustus to the Tiberius Bridge, along the decumanus and the ancient forum), up to Rimini in the Malatesta era and its symbols, the Sismondo Castle and the Malatesta Temple.

•    Rimini, the seaside resort (2 h 30 min.)
From the baths in the sea and entertainment of the nineteenth century to Federico Fellini
Meeting at the City Museum and visit to the space of Gruau and the original posters with images of the bathing season in recent years. The route continues in the historic centre through the places linked to Fellini’s  life and works.

Reservation is required at least 3 days in advance (tel. 0541 704421 - 704426 - 704428, from Monday to Friday at 1 pm).